• Up to 1/3 of Americans grind their teeth!
  • That's up to 109 million people!
  • Less than 20% of people even know they grind their teeth!
  • Leaving 87 million people clueless!
  • That's a LOT!!
  • Most people think it only happens at night, WRONG!
  • 20% of people suffer from a syndrome called "Awake Bruxism".
  • That's almost up to 22 million!!
  • What are you doing to do to protect your smile?

So what are ND Brux Devices?

ND Brux Devices are designed to give both the patient and the dental professional an indication when their appliance needs to be replaced. Once the patient has bruxed to the indication pad in the ND Brux Device, contact will cause a rip or tear to occur. This will allow the patient enough time to schedule a new appointment with their dentist to begin the process of fabricating a new ND Night Gaurd before their current one is worn through, jeopardizing their teeth.