ND Ply

are truly perfect for any circumstance, They are ridged enough to take on heavy bruxers but soft enough for the lightest of grinders. Under warm or hot water, ND Ply Night Gaurds become pliable, allowing for easy insertion and a perfect fit.

ND Hard

are for thoes patients who tend to clench their teeth heavily throughout the night and wake up with headaches or pain. This night gaurd will give the patient the peace of mind of knowing that while they sleep their teeth are protected even in the most extreme of circumstances.

ND Soft

This night guard is soft on both the inside and out making it a comfortable fit! ND Soft Brux guards are not recommended for those patients who suffer from medium to heavy bruxism habits for they might wear faster than inteneded.

ND Ultra Thin Hard

ND Ultra Thin Hard disappear in the patients mouth leaving it seamless. Its made for heavier day clinchers that need an extra hardness to protect their teeth! This brux device is also great for patients wanting to ensure teeth movement is minimalized complet

ND Hard

The ND Ulta Thin Soft is ideal for any patient that wants to ensure their teeth are protected throughout their daily activites. Whether its running, working in the office or even studying!

Customize your own!

Available in the following shapes: Hearts, Suns, Moons, Circles, Squares, Diamonds, X's, & Stars.

Available colors are: Light Blue, Blue, Hot Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Red, Gold, & Silver.